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Grants, donations and sponsorship

The Trust is now in a position where a number of its leases on it's prime Manukau site are up for renewal and this has created some opportunities to further develop the site in line with current and potential tenant expectations. As a result the Board has made a tangible decision to preserve cash flow to support the costs associated with the re development of the property, which ultimately will lead to a stronger Trust cash flow capable of sustaining higher levels of donations back to the community.

The maximum grant that the Trustees will approve during this period will be $500. Grant applications may be made as per the section below "Applying for a Grant".

The Trustees continue to encourage community organisations within the Trust's district to apply for a community grant either from The Trusts Community Foundation or Trillian Trust which operate gaming machines at the Trust's bars. Details of "authorised purposes " together with Application forms for these grants can be obtained from these foundations' websites or from Our Local tavern at 254 Roscommon Road or Spiritd Bar in Station Road Manurewa. Or Guada Bar in Ronwood Ave Manukau


The Trust distributes its profits to local community organizations operating within its district through grants, donations and sponsorships. The Trustees decisions on these grants, donations and sponsorships are guided by its policies although the Trustees have complete discretion over the extent and allocation of funds to the community.

For a copy of the Wiri Licensing Trust's grants Policy - click here.

Wiri Licensing Trust Boundary - click here.

Applying for a grant

For a copy of the Grants, Donations and Sponsorship Form from the Wiri Licensing Trust - click here.

TTCF (Our Local in Wiri and Guada Bar in Manukau ) and Trillian Trust (Spirit'd Bar in Manurewa ) application forms can be collected from the gaming rooms. More information can be viewed on their websites:

Recent funding decisions

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